Road milling and resurfacing services

We also provide road milling and resurfacing services to customers, which include preparing newly milled road surface, milling and patching of road surface and painting of thermoplastic lane marking.

For road milling and resurfacing services, we receive work orders from our customers and the average duration of our services is relatively short (with a work period ranging from one day to approximately two weeks for each work order in general) as compared to that of our contract works projects which may last for up to several years. Therefore, our Directors consider that our road milling and resurfacing services are not project-based activities.

We provide simple quotations at the request of our customers for road milling and resurfacing services. Upon confirmation of our engagement, we will then go through a more simple operation flow as compared to that of our contract works projects. We plan and arrange the required manpower, machinery and materials to be delivered to the construction sites and monitor the work progress. Upon completion, our customers will measure our works and we will then issue invoices to them.

Our main tasks involved in a typical road milling and resurfacing project are illustrated as follows: